Developer wants to sell the land behind Secinaro Ave. The builder that wants to buy the land has told him that he wants all of the trees removed. He said "buyers want pools in their yards, not trees. It's easier for us if all of the trees are gone."

There is a row of about 20 beautiful, mature trees behind Secinaro Ave. that are half on this man's property line, and half on the property line of the owners of Secinaro Ave. properties. There are also approximately 50 evergreen trees around the perimeter of this potential development. Most of the trees are right on lot lines.

The tree protection plan that has been approved by the City of Hamilton only shows 5 - yes, FIVE- trees being saved. We must do our part to save more! This area is called Southcote WOODLANDS for a reason!

We, the undersigned, call the City of Hamilton to stop the tree cutting at Southcote Woodlands.

Protect more of the trees, don't let developers take them all down.

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