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The Cutler Lake Cell Tower has been proposed to be constructed just above Sphynx Trailer Court at the 11 mile marked on Hwy 89. It is proposed to be a lattice type design, 270 foot tower with a beacon light on top. The wireless company has been contacted by many different people at different times to discuss the concerns of the tower.

The company has refused to meet with the community and has refused to listen to any of the community's concerns. The following are the reasons for disputing the current proposal.

1. Trileaf's refusal to meet nor engage in any conversation with the community.
2. Hwy 89 is the spectacularly beautiful north entrance to Yellowstone National Park and the first thing people see as they enter or exit the park.
3. The proposed area is in a valley location that demands the tower be 270 feet tall.
4. The proposed area is located very near to a populated residential area.
5. The 2005 2007 newspaper announcements for public comment each had a different milepost none of which were where the cell tower is to be located.
6. The viewshed of the cell tower and the beacon light to be placed on the top is extremely far reaching (3-5 miles).
7. AAA Travel considers this area of Hwy 89 a scenic byway.

We the undersigned call on the FCC to stop construction of the Cutler Cell Tower as it is currently proposed.

We are not against wireless development entirely, but feel that due to the refusal of the wireless provider's lack of consideration for the unique beauty and residential nature of the area, the project should be refused in it's current location and form.

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