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Hi my names Madison and I'm 16 years old. On the 28th of July 2015 I went to my local GP at the time to get the contraceptive implant put in my arm. By October 2015 I was constantly ill following numerous trips to the doctors but it wasn't until May 2016, when my GP diagnosed me with Graves' disease in my thyroid. I attended an appointment with a consultant just days later from being diagnosed by my GP, my case was one of the worst they had seen in 9 years and so bad they couldn't operate for a whole month of being admitted into hospital. Graves' disease is an auto-immune disease that occurs in 1 in 100,000, in most cases it is found in women age 40+. Before my implant was inserted I was always feeling fine and healthy. The result of my thyroid being removed has left me with a scar across my neck and having to take medication everyday for life and having very often trips to the hospital and doctors. In July 2016 I began to have problems with my left eye, constantly swelling and causing a lot of double vision and pain, I attended the eye clinic in the hospital 5 times and was told nothing was wrong. As weeks went by the pain and swelling didn't get better so I went to the doctors where they diagnosed me with proptosis (thyroid eye disease) caused by the Graves' disease. We had all thought due to my thyroidectomy operation the Graves' disease should have stopped, even though it is very rare to contract the disease after my operation I still got it. It is now almost April 2017, the proptosis has now spread to both eyes, following a recent trip a few days ago to see the consultant and having CT scans they have now confirmed I will be having surgery on my eyes. As a 16 year old this has effected my life greatly, I am constantly ill due to my immune system, and my medication. I have missed many months of school due to my conditions and it stops me doing things daily as I am so tired and run down all the time. My family and I greatly believe this is all linked to the implant in my arm, no girl or women should have to go through awful side affects such as mine due to taking safety precautions for their health and going through with getting the contracteptive implant.

I need a target of 100,000 signatures for this to go forward for a debate at the House Of Commons. Please sign if you believe the contraceptive implant should be stopped or you have had awful side effects believed to be due to it, I'd really appreciate it,


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