#Animal Rights
United States of America

Congress decided to lift the five year ban on horse slaughter in the United States. Not only are horses pets to most Americans but there is no shortage of proteins or food to consume.

Congress also did not set aside funding for horse slaughter houses inspections which means right now even though slaughter houses are going to open the FDA will have no money to fund inspecting these houses.

Now that the ban has been lifted slaughter houses for Horses will be re-opened in the united states for sale and distribution to the public. It is our job to stop the pointless slaughter of one of natures most caring animals.

We ask that Congress immediately ban the slaughter, resale and redistribution of horses in the United States for consumption.

Not only does the American public not require the meat of horses but we ask that protection of these noble animals must continue and the abuse and inhuman treatment of horses end.

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