Villages Of Herkimer and Schuyler In New York
United States of America
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Sun East Development wants to place a commercial solar power plant that will connect to the backyards of 32 homes. There should never be commercial power plants in anyone's backyard. They will also erect an 8 foot high fence through 1.5 miles of woodland. This will increase risks of erosion and flooding, as backed by the DEC environmental impact study. The fence will stop all movement of the abundant wildlife. Thus decreasing their numbers and ability to survive.

Petition To Stop The Schuyler/Herkimer Solar Power Plant
"The Watkins Road Solar Project"

We the concern citizens of the Mohawk Valley, NY. Petition the Towns of Schuyler and Herkimer to stop the proposed building of the Watkins Road solar project at 358 Watkins Rd (Frankfort) and Sokol Rd (Herkimer), as well as the contacting transmission line.

This project will greatly decrease our quality of life, and create massive habitat lose for the wildlife in the area.

The long term effects of these power plants are unknown. The possibility of ground water contamination, increased erosion and increased flooding are all concerns. Loss of vegetation and agricultural land will negatively harm wildlife.
From the insects, brown bats and chipmunks to the deer and bears.

We live in a small farming community and we wish it to stay that way. We live here because, we value the local environment and wildlife. We are connected to the land and wish it to remain untouched.

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