#Violence and Crime
Politicians - State and Federal
United States of America

I am starting this petition because I believe that much needs to be done in order to make our college campuses safe from violent and criminal acts by individuals.

I think that it is very important for legislation to be passed, that will make American college campuses safer than what they are at the present. (This is especially important after what happened at Virginia Polytechnic institute on April 16, 2007).

Please sign this petition to stop college campus violence and crime.

Please sign this petition so that it may be sent to our representatives both at the state and federal level, in order to encourage our representatives to pass laws that will make our campuses safe, from crime and violence.

It is imperative that laws be passed to protect our campuses especially after the murders of all those students at Virginia Polytech University. As a student on a college campus, I would like to see our campuses become safer.

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