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Lyle Hannan & Blair Painter - The Municipality of the Crowsnest Pass

We, the people of the municipality of the Crowsnest Pass, petition the local governing body, to stop the bidding for a design-build for an outdoor pool. We have seen the issues with the current pool and would like to propose a whole new facility, instead of dismantling and rebuilding the current one.

For the past two summers, we had no kiddie pool for the youngest of our community to enjoy, and not enough spaces for the children and youth to enjoy lessons. This town is growing and we have lots of tourists, throughout all the seasons.

It has been discussed many times online and in-person thoughts about what would truly benefit our community. In the winter, we only have winter-related sports available, like skating and skiing/snowboarding at the Pass Powderkeg.

How wonderful would it be for when those tiring sports are over to head to the pool and relax in the hot tub and sauna? Or to have a place for families to rent so they can celebrate their children's birthdays with an awesome pool party.

There are a multitude of people from the Crowsnest Pass that drive 15-50 minutes once or twice a week to enjoy the leisure centres in Sparwood, Pincher Creek and Fernie. How many more people could we attract to our own recreational facility if it was accessible and functional year round?

Let's, as a community, increase our recreational programs and invest in our community, young and old alike.

Let's make our community 'Naturally Rewarding'.

We, the undersigned, call on Lyle Hannan, Blair Painter, and the rest of the Crowsnest Pass council, to stop accepting bids for a design-build for an outdoor pool.

We request the funds be saved and put towards an indoor recreational facility that houses an indoor pool, as the Crowsnest Cultural and Recreation Society (Crowsnest CanDo), has proposed.

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