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Sexual contact during or after any counseling relationship is considered grossly unethical by a broad slice of professional counseling groups, including the American Association of Christian Counselors, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and the National Association of Social Workers. That's because of the power counselors hold over clients—power born of authority and being privy to clients' most intimate emotions and fears. Experts say this power is magnified in pastoral counseling.

Sexual contact between a counselor and counselee is NEVER consensual, NEVER an "affair." It's ABUSE!

Too many churches see the victims of sexual exploitation by predatorial pastors as "just rewards" for women (and occasionally men) that have not been able to defend their sexual boundaries when it is invaded by some helper in authority over them. Too often, our church leaders call these criminal acts "an affair" -- and blame the counselee for being "equally responsible" -- in most states sexual exploitation by helping professionals is criminal sexual conduct in the third degree -- a felony!

Shannon Bellamy, Author
"Pimps in the Pulpit"

We, the (church) parishioners, call on the head of all church organizations to mandate either "Supervised" counseling or "Same-Sex" counseling by Pastors, counselors or anyone in a counseling capacity.

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