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Claremont Major, Jock Barker

CLAREMONT Mayor Jock Barker says his council is ready to get to work so the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) can house Syrian refugees at the Claremont Showground. Approximately over 1000 migrants will be moved to Claremont Showgrounds as a "temporary" housing facility. Mr Barnett said WA had the experience to set up “a large sort of camp environment” that could temporarily house refugees before their long-term accommodation throughout WA.

Do we really want thousands upon thousands of undocumented, unregistered potential terror threats living among us?

So close to our schools, family parks and facilities? What if ISIS makes good on their claim to insert Muslim brotherhood "warriors" among legitimate refugees and we just open up our neighbourhood to potential terror attacks.

What if by allowing Mr Barnett to place these people in one of the most affluent, central suburbs in this city we unwittingly allow another Sydney Siege to unfold, except this time it’s in Claremont Quarter and full of School Kids?

Why not do the sensible thing and utilize the millions of acres of land on the outskirts of Perth and set up a temporary housing and documenting facility there. Out of the city, away from the population, leaving no opportunity for any would-be terrorist to try anything. If housed outside of Perth they can be documented and registered as a refugee and given TEMPORARY housing in Australia until such a time as it is deemed safe for them to return home where they can then apply for a permanent Visa for Australia like everybody else wishing to immigrate here.

How about you consult its inhabitants next time before you just offer up their town on a platter.

We the people of Perths Western Suburbs, do not want refugees being housed at the Claremont showgrounds.

We feel it is unsafe, impracticable and a threat to our friends and families.

We feel a processing facility outside of Perth in the abundant surrounding land is a far better suited area to process new refugees that are undocumented and potential threats to National Security.



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