#Local Government
Victorian State Government

There are zero personal or societal benefits from smoking cigarettes.

22,000 Australians die each year from tobacco-related disease, which is over TEN times the amount of people killed in Australian road related incidences.

Smoking is banned now from most public places, except every time non smokers pass an office building in Melbourne city they have to avoid the disgusting mass of smokers who gather around the bins and seats squeezing in another ciggy like their life depended on it.

What their live's actually depend on is not having that cigarette all.

Every time a smoker gathers with their smoking buddies outside a public building, they are telling each other that it is OK to:

- inhale cancer creating substances into their lungs; and
- support the Government collecting $6.7 billion dollars in tobacco related taxes.

For non smokers it real is gross. For people stopping, it is another obstacle; and for addicts, it is one more place where they get feed back that it is ok to smoke.

Clearing footpaths of cigarette smoking is one more step to helping everyone.

We, the undersigned, call on the Victorian state government to ban smoking on all taxpayer funded footpaths in Victoria.

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