#Animal Rights
China Fur Trade Indrustry

China is using dog and cat fur to make fur coats and coat trim. They are using Saint Bernard, and German Shepard's fur to make most of the coats and stuff. They are also using cat fur. They kill the cats by hanging them because that is the best way so that their fur is not ruined.

They kill the dogs by almost beating them to death then waiting until the next morning to skin them. Some of the major department stores and other stores are buying the coats and stuff. China is not labeling that they use real fur for the coats and coat trim. They put it as fake fur so people will buy it.

This needs to stop because innocent animals are being murdered when they could have homes and be free. Please help me try to put a stop to this.

Thank You.

We, the undersigned, call on the China Fur Trade Industry to eliminate the use of real cat and dog fur for fur coats and coat trim, the inhuman murder of cats and dogs.

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