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There are people in our country (Men and Woman), who unfortunately, have had trouble in their marriage and had to file for divorce. Many times there are children stuck in the middle of this and these children still need financial support.

Thank God that this country has laws that insure that this is done, But in my opinion the way that this is done is VERY unfair. I believe our goverenment should average out what it takes to support each child per family and use that amount as the childs support.

As it is right now that amount goes by what that spouse makes on his or her paycheck. I read of a lawyer that was ordered to pay his one healthy child twenty four thousand dollars a month...ridiculous don't you think? Do you really believe that the child is needing that much a month...or is it supporting a few "others" as well?

I believe this law in some cases brings greed and could possibly be an influence in the final decision to go through with a divorce.

We the undersigned, call on our government and courts to change the present child support laws to a set amount that will insure the money is only going towards the support of our children, and be fair and even for all.

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