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Planning Board and Zoning Board
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An application to the city of Windham, NH has been submitted to construct a 150 foot Cell Tower in a residential neighborhood.

The perceived reduction in property values, as well as health concerns to just children living and playing near the tower need to be reviewed.

Please join us in our fight against Verizon Wireless and the Land Owner constructing intrusive towers that will forever change the landscape of Windham, NH.

We, the undersigned residents of Windham New Hampshire, and elsewhere attest that we are in opposition to the installation of a Verizon Wireless 150 foot tower on the properties located at and/or near 111 North Lowell Road, Windham NH 03087 and call on the city Planning Department, as well as the Zoning Board to deny this application.

Located near the proposed site, are many other better suited locations. Surrounding the proposed location Verizon customers report excellent cellular service. To the point many residents have changed their service to Verizon as Verizon offers the best reception. As a result an additional Verizon cell tower at this location does not offer Verizon customers better service in any way.

The installation of the cellular antenna is inconsistent with the character of the neighborhoods surrounding the location. We would hope the City of Windham, NH would discourage antenna or tower proliferation and protect against visual blight and damage to our community aesthetics.

We believe Verizon Wireless and other cellular communications companies should be required to find more appropriate locations in nearby commercial and industrial zones away from residential rural neighborhoods and that all alternative scenarios must be exhausted to make a more appropriate selection on industrial or commercial land.

Perceived property values as well as concerns over children health topics, specific to this type of technology are well published and must be taken into consideration prior to site selection.

Thank you very much.

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