#City & Town Planning
City Comission, Amarillo, Texas
United States of America

This petition has moved into it's official stage. Please go to http://petitionamarillo.wordpress.com/ for official updates, locations to sign, and ways you can assist.

This has been an amazing organizational achievement, and I look forward to working with everyone to ensure this is successful.

I've had about 6 people feel I've misrepresented my intentions with this online version, and have opted out of going further with the process. If they read the Amarillo Municipal Code, they would know that online petitions are not allowed. This isn't my law, however, there is nothing wrong with organizing a petition online, to allow for an easier accomplishment officially.

Thank you to those who understand this, and continue to send me great messages of support.


We, the undersigned, call on the city commission of Amarillo, Texas to rescind in its entirety Ordinance No. 7366 "Amarillo Code of Municipal Ordinances at Sec. 16-3-154."

We believe this ordinance does not address the issue of safety, and is beyond the powers of the City Commission.

This ordinance shall, upon completion of this petition, require a public vote to take place on the first available ballot.

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