#Gender Rights and Issues
President Barack Obama
United States of America

Whereas.... research has shown that having a mother at home provides innumerable benefits to growing children, such as improved physical and mental health, improved mother-child attachment in infants, increased breastfeeding rates, decreases in juvenile crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual activity, improved academic performance, and many other benefits...

Whereas... the fastest growing educational movement in the United States is homeschooling, which is primarily performed by mothers at home, and home schooled children consistently out-perform public schooled children both academically and socially.

Whereas... research has also shown that marriages are more stable and have higher marital satisfaction when the traditional family structure, and that men in particular and the family as a whole is more economically stable when the traditional homemaker model is followed.

Whereas... it costs approximately 30-100 thousand dollars to replace the tasks of a homemaker; a figure which does not include the cost of a woman taking over her children's education, nor what the family saves by the woman being at home in work expenses.

Whereas... homemkers are a vital force behind community, education, philanthropic and religious volunteer activity which working women cannot do to the same extent...

Whereas... the Creator of mankind designed women's bodies to give birth, to feed and nurture growing children, and to care for the home- a belief valued by all major religions. A man or a daycare provider can neither give birth nor breastfeed.

Whereas... women who are homemakers, with or without children, find our vocation incredibly necessary, deeply challenging and rewarding, and extremely necessary to society...

Whereas... the home is the cornerstone of America, institutions cannot replace people, and worth and value both to the economy and to society is not measured in dollar figures...

We, the undersigned Americans, request that you stop your degrading and insulting campaign to push homemakers back into the paid workforce, particularly college.

Our work, while not rewarded with a paycheck, reaps much greater rewards both now and in the future. It is just as vital to the success and future and stability of our families and our county as what we would do in the workforce.

We request a public apology and an acknowledgement of the value of the traditional family and the work that women at home do. We do not do it through lack of education, ability or choice, but out of a deeply-held belief, proven true by research and experience, that we are needed in our homes!

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