#Law Reform
US Senate
United States of America

Caller ID Spoofing allows a person to make a call using another number as their ID. A Law has already been passed to prosecute people to intend to Steal, or Harm the receiving caller in any way. Yet, this is Law can only be use after someone has done the damage.

These companies are also making it difficult in tracking these criminals down. Many have used this program to pose as Banks, Credit Card Companies, and even people you know. The programs can disguise voices and record the calls. Some have posted they can retrieve your text messages, and allows others to read them.

We, the undersigned, Call on the Senate to fully outlaw Caller ID spoofing, and any of its byproducts, due to its malicious uses, that borderline Identy Theft, Fraud, and Privacy Violations.

We, the undersigned, call on the US Senate to create harsh punishments for violators of these new laws, and any pre-existing laws that involve Caller ID Spoofing.

We, the undersigned, Call on the Senate to outlaw using Caller ID Spoofing for "Prank" calling, as it is only an excuse to allow this program to continually cause problems for the Citizens of the US.

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