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Dumfries and Galloway Council - Swestrans
United Kingdom

The Castle Douglas to Auchencairn bus route (No. 516) has previously, and for many years, terminated at Nether Linkins road end. The final part of the route was the classified A711 road, known as Church Road, this being a road marked with 2 lanes, 1 in each direction and having little or no parking. The regular driver on the route did not, as far as is known, have any concerns about this routing. Following a noted change of drivers some 2 years ago, the final stage of the route was changed and buses now follow the old Main Street to its termination with the main A711 road. Main Street is not a main road; it is considerably narrower than the A711, has family housing close by along both sides, outside which vehicles are regularly parked. This narrows the road to a width that can only just accommodate the service bus. The road environment is totally unsuitable as a bus route and any perceived concerns about the original route are outweighed by the increased road safety concerns when routing the bus onto a very minor road, when the more suitable and previously used classified main road is available. A minor change to the kerb-line at the junction with Nether Linkins road end would facilitate an achievable turn into the lay-by which should be appropriately marked in order to keep it clear of other vehicles.

In the cause of road safety we, the undersigned, call upon Dumfries and Galloway Council and Swestrans to end the unsuitable use of Main Street, Auchencairn as part of the No. 516 bus route and revert to the previously used main A711 classified road, which is a more suitable and safe environment for public service buses.

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