Iain Coucher CEO Network Rail
United Kingdom

Network Rail has informed residence in East Putney about their intention to build a Radio Mast which will rise over 30m into the sky as part of an upgrade to the Network Rail radio system.

A 10m tower will be erected on the derelict viaduct between Oakhill Road and Fawe Park Road on Woodlands Way. They have given less than 3 weeks’ notice for the project to residents although they have contacted Wandsworth Council and the local MP sometime prior. Wandsworth Council and the local MP objected to the scheme however due to a loop hole in the planning laws Network Rail have pushed ahead.

They have decided to build in a residential area where residents will be subjected to 24hr microwave emissions of some considerable strength and for some a continual visual disturbance or on a daily basis. This will result in a considerable reduction in specific house prices and potentially all house prices in the area.

No compensation has been offered by Network Rail and they have refused to enter into a public enquiry, to move the proposed site to more appropriate industrial areas such as Smugglers Way, Clapham Junction or other sites near Wimbledon. This mast will be taller than all property in the area and as such may set a president to developers to build higher buildings which have been vociferously objected to by local residence.

Network Rail is proud of their awards for community relations. This is not the case for Putney residents.

I request that Network Rail stop/do not commence the building of the proposed radio mast on the disused viaduct in East Putney next to Woodlands Way between Fawe Park Road and Oakhill Road to a total height of 30m.

I request that Network Rail enter into a proper public consultation, so that an appropriate and agreed solution can be come to regarding the location and height of the mast. The public consultation to include all interested parties, residents, Council, MP, Putney Society, network rail etc with the objective to review the current decision and come up with an appropriate solutions.

Iain Coucher stop the build NOW!

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