County Executive Jack B. Johnson & Prince George's County Board of Education
United States of America

Prince George's County Board of Education's 2010/2011 proposed budget will cut funding for Charter & Speciality schools. The current proposals will cut the per-student funding by $1,700, along with transportation funding.

The Charter's currently use bus depots as a way to minimize transportation costs, yet they will loose transportation funding completely; (a deficit of $275,000 for Imagine Foundations Public Charter School), while other "Specialty School's" loose door to door service and move to bus depots.

The actions taken by the Prince George's County BOE is discriminatory of Charter School's and should not be tolerated.

As a tax paying resident of Prince George's County and as a parent of children who attend Imagine Foundations Public Charter School in Upper Marlboro, MD, or other Charter/Specialty school's in Prince George's County, I would like to express my deep disappointment about the proposed budget cuts for our school's. I understand our county’s current fiscal reality during this economic recovery; however I strongly believe that any budget cuts should be fairly distributed and not discriminatorily target charter schools in Prince George’s County.
It is our understanding that bus service will be completely eliminated for charter schools, but that other specialty schools will not have these same budget cuts imposed on them. Based on news reports, certain specialty schools would have to use the bus depot system which Imagine Foundations Public Charter School is currently using; but would not have bus service completely eliminated. In addition, the planned further reduction in the amount of money allotted per child would have an adverse effect on the continued success of our children.
Imagine Foundations Public Charter School, a successful school with dedicated staff and limited resources, has found a way to provide an excellent education to the students of Prince George’s County. PLEASE do not allow the proposed budget cuts to unjustly target our children. To derail a successful school at this time, when so many others have failed, would be profoundly damaging to our children’s futures. If member's of the Prince Georges County Board of Education, and the elected officials of Prince George's County support what works for our youth, then their actions should reflect it!. These are schools that other's could be modeled after, and not schools that should have actions taken that would impede the academic and social growth of the future leaders of tomorrow.

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