#Human Rights

Roleen Gandiwa is living in hiding. He has had some of his family members killed by the Mugabe regime, and he has his brother in jail as I speak, abducted. The family is brutalized day in, day out.

This is what he has to say:: COPIED!

Born 31 august 1988 attested in the army 20 December 2006 l was discharged after facing treason and sabotage charges, I am in hiding because my country want to persecute me for crimes l did not commit, it is affecting my personal life and the life of my dependents, Munyaradzi, my brother, was killed on 4 may 2013, he was mistakenly killed for me by a zanu pf group calling itself alshabab.

There is a link to the story if you google: Brother of ex-soldier Roleen Gandiwa murdered.

This is a request to the Amnesty International and to the United Nations Human Rights Organisation and all caring human beings.

We petition that Roleen Gandiwa be given a fair trial under your laws and he must be protected by you under International laws.

He has not been given the chance to speak out his side, he is living in constant fear and at times in the jungle. Mugabe and his regime want him dead to cover evidence of brutalities to mankind, something he witnessed in his term as an employee in that government.

If found guilty, he must be arrested, and if found innocent, he must live a normal life like any other human being on this planet.

Thank you!

Obert Ncube is a Mechanical Engineer in Surrey, United Kingdom and a Political Activist. He can be contacted on 0044 782 876 7002.

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