#Animal Rights
the city of bastrop la
United States of America

Put a stop to breed-specific legislation(BSL). Everyday a dog is mistaken for a pit bull. There are over 25+ dog breeds that can look very similar to an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). Also, everyday laws are being put in place to take away or restrict our pets. Any dog has the potential to be dangerous.

I do not agree with dog fighting and that being said, feel that laws against fighting should be enforced better. All of this is the result of irresponsible owners. The APBT is NOT a human aggressive breed. They love humans and want to please us. They are also a great family dog, wonderful with children. They didn't get the nickname Nanny Dog for nothing. If no one does anything about this euthanasia will be next. It is impossible to enforce the registration of one specific breed.

Please, help us in our efforts to stop BSL before it's too late. Once our breed is gone they will find another breed to slander and it could be yours. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners.

We, the undersigned, call on the city of Bastrop to eliminate breed-specific legislation.

It would be costly to the residents of Morehouse Parish and ineffective. The manpower needed to enforce pit bull registration is absent.

This is also unfair for responsible pet owners. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners. If anything should be enforced, it should be animal cruelty laws and laws against fighting.

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