#Animal Rights
Australian Government / Local Councils

Breed Specific Legislation in Australia, is a law unfairly targetting even responsible owners and killing innocent dogs.

Too often dog attacks are blamed on the Pitbull's when, in actual fact very few attacks in Australia over the last 50 years have been by the pitbulls. These laws are dangerous and threaten dogs that may not even be pitbulls. Responsible dog owners are going to lose there loved pet because of the BSL with only takes these dogs on look and not there behaviour.

Irresponsible owners should be punished and not the dogs. All dogs need to be taken on a case to case base. From all the research we have done BSL will not stop attacks.

We, the undersigned, as voters of Australia call on the State Governments of Australia to stop the ban of American Pit Bull Terrier through the Breed Specific Legislation. It is our belief as law abiding owners that these dogs are not to blame.

We believe that educating people on ownership on characteristics of all breeds of dogs is the answer. And most of all supervision of children around all dogs is needed. BSL needs to be revoked.

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