To combat the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico BP is using a chemical dispersant called Corexit EC9527A. Corexit causes the oil to clump together and remain submerged rather than spread over the surface.

The problem with Corexit is that it poses a threat to the Marine life in the Gulf, particularly to the silverfish and shrimp population. Other chemical dispersants have been tested by the EPA and have been proven to be more effective and less harmful.

Corexit EC9527A has an effectiveness rating of about 63% for Louisiana Crude Oil compared to another dispersant, Dispersit which is 100% effective and has been proven to be considerably less dangerous to the local ecosystem. on May 20, 2010 the EPA requested that BP look for a safer alternative. BP ignored this requestand continues to use Corexit.

BP has stated that no safe alternative exists. The only thing that Corexit is cleaning is BP's image. By causing the oil to clump together and sink below the surface it makes the situation appears better than it really is and photos generate less PR damage as a result. Corexit's chemical composition SHOULD NOT be protected by "trade secrets". All constituents need to be released to the public, so that the current destruction can be evaluated by pioneer toxicologists like Dr.Susan Shaw. EPA's approval without a test prerequisite is callous and EPA has sold out the Gulf in the process to BP. BP SHOULD NOT BE IN CHARGE OF THE CLEAN UP EFFORTS. BP should be held monetarily accountable whilst actual experts get assigned to governing clean up operations. People like Sylvia Earle and David Gallo should be appointed to the post, and they should assemble a think tank that functions independently and inclusively. All information should be made readily available to the public and locals.

The current paradigm of operations is not acceptable.
Update: After some searching I was able to find reports that say Rodney Chase, a member of the board at Nalco (the company that make corexit) was also a member of BP's board until 2003. This means that Mr. Chase stands to gain a lot from BP's continued use of corexit and is capitalizing on the disaster.

We, the undersigned, demand that BP stop using Corexit and switch to a safer dispersant. Despite what BP says, safer dispersants do exist.

The oil spill is a great tragedy and BP risks making it worse.

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