Florida Gulf Coast and Central Florida
United States of America

The BP oil spill in the gulf coast has affected many businesses in Florida either directly or indirectly causing a loss of income. These businesses deserve to be compensated for their losses from the oil spill because their loss in income was no fault of their own and BP pledged to honor these losses in good faith.

BP has been denying claims unfairly and should be held accountable for the damages they have caused that have affected many people's lives. They have come up with a claims process that makes it nearly impossible for honest, hard working people to get the money that they are intitled to through BP's carelessness.

Rapid Claims Recovery is starting a petition to fight against BP's bad faith practices.

Please sign if you are currently being denied payment for a claim or have been apprehensive about filing a claim due to their unfair processes through their constant denial of claims.

Call your local congressman if you feel you have a legitimate claim that has been unfairly denied by BP.

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