#Animal Rights
UN and Congress

Oct 26, 2004

Bonsai kittens is a cruel website which tells you to put week old kittens in jars! they say how to do it and how to feed them etc and leave them to grow! then you are to take them out and they are stuck in the shape of the jar!

this is very very cruel and MUST be stopped! how would you liked to be shoved in a jar for years on end until you wer fully grown then taken out and unable to move because of under development? then shoved on a shelf or something and treated like a ornament?

this must be stopped as soon as possible...

Stop the cruelty of bonsai kittens !

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The Stop bonsai kittens now before it's too late petition to UN and Congress was written by Rebekah Park and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.