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On March 10, 2009 the Saskatchewan Party Government Minister of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Rob Norris tabled amendments to the Construction Industry Labour Relations Act.

“Assistant Deputy Minister Mike Carr confirmed in a stakeholder briefing that the construction and other unions in Saskatchewan did not ask for this and that none were consulted prior to its introduction. The government says it’s about so-called freedom of
choice for employers and employees. We say it is about opening the door to certain employer-dominated unions to do wall-to-wall certifications of construction projects,”
says SFL President Larry Hubich.

Trades unions have long argued that wall-to-wall certifications, rather than the current system of certifying on a craft basis, will lead to deskilling and lower wages. The amendments also remove ‘maintenance’ from the definition of construction industry, which means a significant portion of unionized construction work will no longer be covered by the Act.

“Once again, the government is gutting legislation that affects thousands of workers without consulting them in advance. We saw this with last year’s essential services legislation and the amendments to the Trade Union Act. Now they’re doing it with the construction trades. This government is obviously intent on breaking unions in every sector,” says Hubich.

“It makes no sense to change the way in which construction workers are certified: the government’s own numbers show that despite the giant boom in construction over the past five years, that the unionization rate has remained the same. The system works for the trades union members because they are assured of a collective agreement and it works for employers, who are provided with skilled labour out of the union hiring hall.

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Press Release.


Saskatchewan Building Trades Council Written Submission to Human Services Committee


Saskatchewan Building Trades Council Press Release




The amendments purposed under Bill 80 to the Construction Industry Labour Relations Act are unjust and unnecessary. That the present system has worked fine with over 17 years with a work disruption.

That the Saskatchewan Party Minister of Government Minister of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Rob Norris stop the amendments to the Construction Industry Labour Relations Act as purposed under Bill 80.

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