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More than 60 people showed up at the last Town of Ballston Planning meeting on May 1, 2014 to protest the application for a 135,000 sq. ft. big box development by Walmart. Residents were alarmed when they discovered that a PUDD (Planned Unit Development District) had been passed by the Town Board in 2011 allowing for such a large store. Residents were under the impression that the site was going to be developed with a grocery store under mixed use zoning that was the result of a hard-fought initiative by community members 10 years ago.

The PUDD approved in 2011 allows big box development, which is in direct opposition to the wishes of the residents of Ballston and the Town of Ballston’s comprehensive plan. Almost ninety percent of the residents of the Town of Ballston said the Town should encourage mixed use development with residential, office and small scale commercial or small scale, neighborhood commercial.

We are concerned about the tremendous impact of such a huge store on traffic, crime, local business and the quality of life of local residents.

I support the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, which states, “The Town’s primary concerns include ensuring the community retains its rural, small-town character, remains a great place to live and that the area’s natural resources, open spaces and agricultural land are protected.” (p. 1) Therefore, I am against the development of Big Box stores in the Town of Ballston.

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