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With hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants entering this country each year, the strain on or social security, medicare, unemployment and other programs set up for hard working Americans, is at it's limits.

The creator of this petition welcomes those who migrate to our country legally, but those who come over the borders illegally, and expect our government to take care of them do not deserve the aid many are presently receiving.

Please read this article printed in the Washington times and see how you feel about it.

“We The People” of the United States of America would like our elected officials to work on legislation that will stop giving Federal and State benefits, social security, unemployment, health care and other programs to illegal immigrants.

Millions of hard working Americans are struggling to make ends meet, can’t afford health care, and are being denied many programs that are being given
to people in this country illegally. Many of which committed felonies by using fake documents in order to get these benefits.

We need to stop the coddling of illegal aliens in this country. If they immigrated to our country legally, good for them. But those who came without going through the immigration process need to be taken off ALL Federal and State programs, to enable Americans to get the help so many desperately need. As Americans we demand that you address this issue and take immediate actions on our behalf.

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