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May 25, 2005

Hello, now i have been told by my 13yr old daughter that "everybody swears" ok that maybe, but why do we have to put up with it in music, especially RAP music? Yes i know i am going to get a "Mary Whitehouse" tag here, but what the heck. I also know that when music is played on the radio and it contains bad langusge, they play "radio edits" but half the time you can still figure out what they are saying!

My main gripwe is with BBC Radio1, i used to listen to it all the time, and i maybe getting old (34) but due to the ammount of "dodgy" tunes on the station, i rarely listen to it, mind you local commercial radio is nearly as bad.

I know that singers try to get their various messages over to the masses and bad language is a way of "shocking" people to listen to them, which is fine, but when they "radio edit" these tunes cant they do it any better?. There is one tune at the mo' by Gwen Stafani, which has got a lot of (shh) in it, (shh) in place of where in the normal song there is swearing, yet the other day, my 8yr girl wasd quite happily singing the chorus, and saying the shh, when she turns round to me and asks "Dad, what does she mean by its my SHH", obviously i had to make things up.

Plese sign my petition to get radio stations in the UK to edit tunes better, or even better ban bad language tunes from playlists.

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