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South Carolina State Housing Authority
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Prestwick Development Company out of Atlanta, Georgia has the land on 3100 Augusta Street under contract (formerly the Parsonage of Augusta Heights Baptist Church) and is planning to build a low-income housing project on this space. The complex will consist of one large building housing 38 units.

The history of this company's past low income projects shows that the properties have been poorly managed, safety is a concern, and the level of renters is below the standard of most of its neighbors. (Apartmentratings.com)

The site plan shows a massive building that will be an eyesore comparative to its surroundings. There will be dark spaces in the back of the property that will not be in the line of sight. This includes a playground and these dark spaces beg for inappropriate activity. The traffic flow on this end of Augusta Street is all ready treacherous at best and more vehicles in and out of this driveway will only add to the danger of this area. Blythe Academy is beside this proposed project and there will be many more concerns about the crosswalk dangers. Loiterers and vagrants are all ready present in this area and this type of building with its dark background will only facilitate the problem.

It is in the best interest of the Augusta Street neighbors and students of Blythe Academy that this project be stopped. If it is allowed to go through there may be catastrophic consequences on this entrance to the City of Greenville.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Greenville Planning Commission to stop the consideration of the submitted project: Prestwick at Augusta Street, project ID 09154. Located at 3100 Augusta Street in Greenville, SC.

We are OPPOSED to the project and in the best interest of the surrounding neighborhoods and schools we want the consideration of building this project on this land STOPPED.

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