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June 29th 2007, Apple released the 1st generation iPhone and the service was only available through AT&T. When it was released AT&T offered an UNLIMITED plan to all that signed a 2 year contract. I signed that contract in February of 2008, the first day the iPhone 16GB was released.

I have since then had every iPhone since and have loved my service through AT&T. However, last month (March 2012) I received the following message... "AT&T Free Msg: Your data usage is near 3GB this month. Exceeding 3GB during in future billing cycles will result in reduced speeds, though you'll still be able to email & surf the web. Wi-Fi helps reduced speeds."

Now, after I was on the phone for 40 minutes with the phone number they left me in a text message to call, I was given an explanation that they were trying to stop an overcrowding problem before it starts but when I asked "those who don't have the unlimited plan, will you slow their data service after they reach 3GB's?" and that's when they said "no because they pay for it and that money gets recycled back into the network."

We the undersigned call on AT&T to stop LIMITING our UNlimited plans by slowing down our data speeds because you would like us to switch our unlimited plan and start charging us for going over 2GB's on a different plan.

We have been loyal customers for well over 3 years and this is not the way a company that wants to keep our business should be treating us!

I ask that even the AT&T customers that do not have an unlimited plan to sign this petition because you never know when something like this will happen to you!

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