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Wheeling Plan Commission
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This property in question, located at 966 S. Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, IL 60090 is directly adjacent to a residential community, where there are homes with families and children that will be directly impacted by the construction and operation of a car wash next to our property.

Environmental Effects of Wash Water Concern:
The property butts up against our communities pond, which is fish and fowl dwelling. Please review cited research documentation on, "The Perceived Environmental Impact of Car Washing", at www.researchgate.net/publication/237366603/download which contains EPA concerns with contaminants found in commercial wash water and the effects they have on the environment and wildlife. In addition please note that Dam No. 1 Woods East Forest Preserve, is located directly across the street in an area where there is frequent flooding of the Des Plaines River, that will carry any wash water contaminants to that conservation area.

Added Traffic to Residential Community & Safety Concerns:
The main entrance/exit way of The River Mill Crossing residential community is located adjacent to the property. Increased continuous traffic in and out of the car wash will make it extremely difficult for residents to get in and out of their property, at an already congested intersection. As the property in question is located within feet of the intersection of Hintz and Milwaukee. Many families walk in this area, joggers, children riding bikes. Increase traffic at our communities entrance is a cause for safety.

Increased Noise & Light Concerns:
The noise volume from the car wash itself as well as the additional traffic, especially for residents located directly next door and behind the property will be subjected noise and light pollution, with lighted signage being on all night.

Home Value Depreciation Concerns:
Residential communities that are subjected to perceived increased traffic and safety concerns home values depreciate as well as home values within close proximity of the perceived "eyesore, safety concern, inconvenience, environmental hazard"

We the undersigned feel you should deny the request of application for a Special Use Permit Application to Victor Torishnyak, for construction and operation of a State-of-the-Art Express Car Wash at 966 S. Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, IL 60090.

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