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Bankstown Canterbury Council

We the residents of Revesby, in particular those that live in Ely Street do not want a 22 unit boarding house complex in our street.

We do not feel that this type of development is suitable for a neighbourhood street. We already have many duplex's and townhouses in the street and do not have the capacity for a 22 unit complex.

This development is proposed to built on Ely Street in between Milperra Road and Gordon Parker Street.

We disagree with this development and call on Bankstown Canterbury Council to strongly consider our petition. Our reasons are outlined below:

How are these residents going to park if there are only 5 car spaces in the building who will be used by staff. The residents will need a car each as the public transport network around that area is very poor. There is little to no transport links to the train stations with the exception of one bus located 200m away that goes to Bankstown train station. There are no bus networks in the immediate area that go to Revesby station. These residents will need to walk to Revesby station which is a 20min walk and 2.5km away.

There is also the issue of safety and our residents. We feel that there will be safety issues with the creation of a boarding house development. Research suggests that boarders living in a boarding house are low income earners, students and those in transit. We will not have any certainty or visibility in who will be living in these units and it impacts on the character of the area and also the value of our homes. As the immediate area does not have any recreational activities, entertainment activities, poor links to transport we feel that these residents will be forced to loiter around the street.

This boarding house development will create increased congestion in our street which is already congested from multiple duplex's in the streets, townhouse development and villa development. We have just had 6 new duplex's built in the street who use on street parking.

over 50% of the dwellings in Ely Street (between Milperra Rd and Gordon Parker Rd) are duplex/townhouse development.

This has put increased congestion in the street and added pressure to parking. We absoloutely cannot accommodate a 22 unit boarding house.

A boarding house is not a suitable type of development for this suburban street. 22 units will be developed over 4 buildings which will be bulky and not contributing to the street scape.

Please STOP approval.

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