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I've started this petition to get the ball rolling on the push back relating to applications on Android/Apple/Windows devices invading your privacy.

Applications are actively using your device without consent to do the following (this is not a comprehensive list):

Use your device camera to take photos and record videos;

Use your device microphone to record conversations;

Use your device to access private information, change passwords, edit calendar events;

Use your device to access your entire contact library and send emails/sms on your behalf;

Use NFC (Near field communication) on your device.

ALL the above are done WITHOUT your immediate consent. The application can and will use any of the above to it's manufacturers advantage (and God knows who else - NSA anybody?)

A petition to action changes in law to provide users of mobile technology with greater privacy. All applications should detail every item it can access on your device and it's intention, while giving YOU the USER the choice to allow or deny any or all of these aspects without hindrance.

As it stands, there are few people aware of just how far the application access goes - it's often the case that an app has seemingly all powerful access to your device, it's storage data, passwords of any kind and to make use of the inbuilt technology such as Cameras, Microphones and NFC (near field communication)

This poses a great threat to an individuals privacy, if a company can access this data, so can anyone who deems it fit to hack their application and/or your device to take advantage.

This petition is to be sent to leaders around the globe to take action against this severe breach of privacy.

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