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Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid - Home Office Minister. Preston Council, Crown Prosecution Service
United Kingdom

The Preston Taxi-driver who threatened to sodomise converts from Islam to Christianity has created fear and distress in the apostate community. Islam-quitters are the main target of his hate speech.
Hate-Crime charges must be laid against Zaheer Hussain to removed impunity for this kind of hateful and intimidating behaviour, and he must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Those individuals who have left Islam for other belief systems understand that he has not apologised to them and that he and his friends have no regard for their human dignity. His apology is not an effort to calm their concerns, but meant only to hide his behaviour. The
Despite admittedly using social media for this supposed private conversation Zaheer Hussain has denied ever posting this message to social media. He is even heard asking his companion to post he comments of which he was unashamed.
Zaheer Hussain’s tactic of a generalised apology appears to those most victimised by his hate speech to be fashioned to get away with the vile threats that he made against them – the interaction in the vehicle communicated that the threat of sodomy, rape, and violence against ex-Muslims were considered humorous.
This derision is the normative attitude that leads to apostates from Islam being abused and targeted for violence within their ethnic communities.
Many have contacted the British Pakistani Christian Association and say it is easier for radical Muslims like this to apologise to Christians to deflect from the fact that they cannot do so to apostates.
The man driving should also be investigated and charged for removing his hands from the steering wheel to remove his shoe and aggressively wave it in to the camera while threats of beating converts with shoes were made by Mr Hussain – an audacious act that should constitute distracted driving and is communicating active agreement with what is being said.
At no point did the man admonish Mr Hussain to stop but rather he laughed along, and shared the vile message on social media. There is a third person involved in this discussion it is unknown what his role is in this matter.
Thus far we have heard nothing further of any arrest of the companion who clearly is enjoying himself and is equally complicit in the demeaning threat.

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is calling for justice actions to be taken on this hate-crime and for abuse against apostates to be taken seriously by legislators and law enforcement..

We the undersigned call on the Rt Hon Sajid Javid - Home Office Minister, and the police authorties

• To properly prosecute Zaheer Hussain under hate crime legislation to the fullest extent of the law in order ot remove the impunity under which these behaviours continue.

• To prosecute the man who accompanied him during the tirade for his participation in the hate speech, and apparent traffic violations, and investigate the role of the third party in sharing the hate speech.

• To take apostasy-hatred, threats and violence against ex-Muslims seriously and act judiciously to protect those who are targeted.

• To adequately review the 2017 apostacy hate-crime recomendations submitted by BPCA to the Home Office.

• To initiate law enforcement's use of an effective and confidential crime reporting mechanism that will allow them to analyse and qualify specific statistical data about attacks against apostates and ex-Muslims in the UK.

We petition the CPS to allow test cases like this evil rant by Zaheer Hussain to form new case law within the boundaries of section 127 of the Comunications Act 2003

We Petition Preston Council to terminate Zaheer Hussain's taxi-driver licence based on his exhibited hatred to a segment of society. This should be done with immediate effect to reassure local people of Preston.

We call for reform of the Malicious Comunications Act and Public Order Act to ensure those who foment hatred by sharing vile hate-filled speech with smaller groups, who are likely to share this more publicly can be prosecuted effectively for their designs to breed polarisation.

We call for reforms to the Race and religious hatred act 2006 in which we seek the inclusion of apostasy hatred within the existing taxonomy.

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