#Neighborhood Living
City of Weslaco and developer Manuel Chapa
United States of America

The land in front of our subdivision has always been classified as commercial lots and were selling as commercial lots when Cotton Estates Central was selling its lots and houses were being built here. Everyone that purchased lots here knew that the land in front of the subdivision was for commercial built out.

We did not know that the plans were going to change and apartments were going to be built right in front of our subdivision which will affect our quality of life and our privacy because of the 3 story buildings being proposed. We do not object to any commercial development as proposed when we purchased the lots here at our subdivision what we object to is the apartment complexes (144 units) that will affect traffic and be an eye sore for our subdivision.

The 52 lots that have yet to be sold will be harder to sell if apartment complexes are built in front of the subdivision. If we wanted apartments we would have moved into apartments.

We, the undersigned, call on You Mr. Chapa and the City of Weslaco to stop the idea of building 144 unit apartment complex in front of our subdivision (Cotton Estates Central).

We are not against economic development and welcome commercial enterprise in front of our subdivision but not a massive unit apartment complexes. The building of these apartments affects the safety of our family, friends, and neighbors.

We ask of you to please do not approve or allow these apartments to be built in front of our neighborhood. It affects a lot of our neighbors that are within 100 feet of the proposed development site for this apartments.

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