Dublin North County Council

This petition is being started to stop the anti social behaviour in Darndale. Its gone too far now with youths in the area committing serious criminal damage, fact - on the 24th of July burnt out a boarded up house that the council would not rehouse a family in, which has now been totally destroyed along with 3 neighbours homes that have had to leave there houses with children and grandparents this is not expectable.

Our county council has sat back and watched this happing, A number of complaints was brought to there attention and yet they done nothing "Quote" " we can not do anything about these matters" .

We as a community have a responsibly for the welfare of our children and lively hoods.

We are asking for people to sign this so that the county council will do justice to the youths that are responsible for causing the serious criminal damage and the uproot of 3 family homes. One of these homes houses a family of 7 which have been left with nothing and yet again the council refuse to help with this matter.

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