#Animal Rights
governor O'Malley
United States of America

Animal testing is not the right thing, it kills many animals it kills 115 million animals in 1 year. People are using wolf's for shampoo and its making them more and more endangered.

You can't even get an accurate count on the number of animals killed every year because experimenters and the government have decided that mice and rats and certain other animals don't even have to be counted.Many animals are killed and hurt in many ways animal testing is one of the harshest animal abuses in the world.

Some animal testing is not even needed but they do it anyway. I believe that animal testing is not needed and so shuold you.

Sign to save an animal's life.

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The STOP ANIMAL TESTING AND ANIMAL MISUSE petition to governor O'Malley was written by Mina B. and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.

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