#Animal Rights
UN & Goverments of the World

Sadly, I have to tell you the horrible history of poaching in order for you to sign this petition. One animal, is the elephant, they, as many of you know, get poached for their ivory, for a number of things. It was not until the 1970's that a poaching frenzy began- 200 elephants on average were slaughtered per day.

In 1979, there were an estimated 1.3 million elephants in Africa. A decade later, that number had dropped to an estimated 600,000.

Since then their population has only dropped 20,000 to a nuber of about 580,000.

But eventually if this go's on these beautifal creatures will be gone forever. But elephants aren't the only animals being poached, there are many other kinds of animals being killed for sale. SO I can only tell you of a few of them.

The nerpa is a kind of Russian seal. It is between February and April that baby seals are born with their distinctive white fur, much prized by Russia's fashion industry. This makes them a tempting target for poachers, and it is at this time that they are most in need of protection.

The situation is made even worse for the nerpas by the fact that Lake Baikal is frozen during that time, making it easy for poachers to approach them, especially with no guards around. As a result, thousands of baby seals are killed each winter.

Around 10,000 nerpas, mostly young, die each year as a result of poaching or disease, the Russian office of environmentalist group. I hope that this info has persuaded you to take ten seconds to type your name for my petition.

We, the undersigned, petition for a real - no exemption - world wide ban on animal poaching to be achieved as soon as possible. We oppose lifting any official ban on animal poaching.

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