#Animal Rights
President Obama and Representatives of NC
United States of America

Animal experimentation happens everyday, in every state. The government, animal food companies, consumer product companies, and even environmental organizations contribute money, and worse, administer harmful, debilitating experiments and procedures on defenseless animals.

Animals are sold from pounds, taken from jungles, and even from our very own streets. Animals are even being used in schools, so as to teach students about certain illnesses or injuries. We, as a society, can put a stop to this. Help speak up against these unspeakable acts of cruelty against the most innocent of creatures. Animals have every bit of emotion humans have. They feel fear and pain just like we do. There are other alternatives to animal experimentation.

If you believe that animals have the right to lead healthy and happy lives, then sign this petition and get involved. Help speak for those that cannot speak for themselves.

I am asking you to sign this petition because I believe that change can happen if only we stand up and fight for it.

I am asking the President of the United States and the representatives of NC to stop allowing such heinous and useless experimentation to be administered to helpless animals. To stop allowing the rights of our best friends to be taken away so callously.

By signing this petition, we are one step closer to helping those who cannot fend for themselves.

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