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bali has many homeless animals that need help. a few years ago the government of bali tried and succeeded to get street dogs and mass execute them. this petition is to try and end animal cruelty in bali. Me and my friends are 10 and 11 years old and we feel strongly about this. in our time in bali we have learned that people in bali don't really look after street dogs. organisations like BAWA and BARK are helping out but there are still many street dogs and cats in bali. we hope this petition will help out. SPREAD THE WORD our goal is to get 100,000 or even 1 million signatures. thank you for reading.

we the kids of bali are on a mission to end animal cruelty in bali. If you would like to support us even more you can go to our instagram and we are going to start selling hoodies and t-shirts. 50% of the money we make will go to larger organisations to end animal cruelty.

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