#Animal Welfare
Gibraltar Trade Center
United States of America

Recently, I happened to visit the Gibraltar Trade Center. What I observed was worse than deplorable. The so-called pet center was crammed with a variety of pets, ranging from reptiles to puppies. The foul stench was overwhelming with filthy cages and overcrowded conditions. In the true meaning of the phrase, it was at a bare minimum, a "puppy mill".

Immediately, I contacted the Michigan Animal Cruelty Society, and was told that the Michigan Department of Agriculture was the responsible licensing authority. Upon placing multiple calls to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, I finally received a call-back, only to be told that Macomb County Animal Control, was the only legal authority with the power to enforce anti-cruelty concerns at the Gibraltar Trade Center. Animal control simply said that they have received numerous complaints and will eventually look into it.

To this date, the disgusting conditions remain and no action has been taken to rescue the pets. I further might add that when I attempted to take a picture with my cell phone of the six puppies jammed into what amounts to a fish tank, the Proprietor quickly descended upon me informing me that "pictures of the animals in their cages was not allowed".

With the help of your voice and signature, you can help save the lives of these innocent, loving creatures.

We, the undersigned, call on the State of Michigan to enforce Animal Cruelty Statues at Gibraltar Trade Center.

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