#City & Town Planning
Banana Shire Council

The Banana Shire Council has recently started re-developing the local Gillespie Street car park and turned it into an unsafe area where there is nothing but 2 way road traffic and less space for cars.

Although the project has almost been completed, a majority of the local and rural properties would like to remind the Council of their hate and anger towards the project and have supported to have the street either returned to it's original state, or for it to be re-designed with a proper vote for approval. This petition is to support that hate and anger.

We, the undersigned, call on the Banana Shire Council to cease all current and future stages of the Gillespie Street re-development and rectify the street either to it's original plan, with 2 or 3 improvements, or to come up with a new plan, allowing proper communication with locals and business owners, with no time restraints until at least 75%-80% of the townsfolks are completely happy and agreeable.

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The Stop and Undo the Moura Gillespie Street Re-development petition to Banana Shire Council was written by Ashley Pardey and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.