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Who carried your mail? Who carried our soldiers through battle? Who pulled your carriage? Who plowed your fields? Who stayed with you through all the good and bad times? Who was and still is man's best friend? The HORSE!

But now that the age of automobile has arrived, horses are slaughtered. Thankfully, the government has closed down all the slaughter plants in the United States. But horses are still being sent over the border for slaughter in other countries.

Recordings have shown slaughter horses in Mexico being whipped and dragged across the floor. Another showed a horse being cut in the neck multiple times, then died by choking on it's own blood. And I haven't even started talking about how horrible the ride is for the horses and ponies.

Horses travel in double decker trucks for days on end without food or water. Bigger horses fall on smaller ones, and they often have many broken bones when arriving at the slaughter house. Some don't even survive the journey, and die on the way. Once arriving at the slaughter house, they are crammed into tiny pens with many other horses.

When it is time to meet their fate, the poor horse or pony is forced to the killing station. They are then shot several times in the head with a gun. Still often conscious, they are strung upside down and bled out. The head is cut off, and the legs after that. Pregnant mares have their stomaches cut open and the foal is thrown in the garbage! Stop this outrageous abuse of American horses today! Even young ones are slaughtered!

Think about it: Who wants to eat the meat of an old, sick horse? Any horse with meat in its bones is butchered. Put the horses back in the stable, and keep them off the table.

Stop the slaughter, end the pain, finish the abuse.

We, the undersigned, do agree to do everything in our control to stop American horses being sent over the border for slaughter.

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