Minister of Immigration & Multiculturalism

In 1985, the Supreme Court ruled that under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada cannot deport a refugee until he or she has had a hearing.

As such, anyone who wants to stay in Canada indefinitely simply has to skip their hearings repeatedly.

The Sun outlined the loophole in a 2003 series on national security.

The Montreal-based Algerian man who attempted to blow up Los Angeles airport was a prime example of a refugee who knew that he simply had to skip his deportation hearing repeatedly, and he’d never have to leave.

"The Charter also affords refugee claimants access to Canada’s social safety network, even if they should’ve been deported years earlier."

And of the 60,000 refugee claimants in Canada, more than half — about 38,000 — are considered “whereabouts unknown.” That’s a nice way of saying they won’t be showing up for their hearing, whether it takes the government 60 days to stage it, as the new law proposes, or four years.

That breeds a generation of poverty which in turn leads to diaspora-based crime, which in turn leads some to blame refugees for Canada’s street violence, when they’re a small part of the problem. On top of that, of those who do apply legitimately, as many as 75% each year are accepted as being refugees.

We need to clean up the refugee mess we already have, before we start bringing in the next wave of refugees into Canada. This costs the tax payer millions upon millions of badly needed dollars for our OWN citizens. Our health care suffers and needs the funds.

Once it's cleaned up and we find all the missing refugees. Perhaps re-visit this issue ONLY then. But not until this is properly designed to not be a burden to our society.

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