#Family & Friends
United States of America

Many of my friends and families have been targeted by people who just plain dont like them or people that have had their children taken away from them, and cant stand the fact that others are happy.

For example my a close friend of mine became involved in a relationship with a man and his ex decided to make false claims to dhs trying to get her children taken away just because she was angry at the man, which caused her childrens life to have so much drama which is no way healthy for her children, which ended up having these people from Dhs in their life everyday making such drama and humiliating the children, and having the children be ridiculed at school.

So not fair to this innocent family.it also ended up costing them so much money for classes and counselors that were not needed, Dhs was only going by what and drunken discruntaled ex told them. They didnt even bother to look into her background instead they automatically acted on these false accusations.

We, the undersigned, call on other families to eliminate the government allowing alchoholics, criminals or just anyone, to call Dhs on innocent families, which tears the families of America apart.

DHS has so much control over our lives today even if you dont receive a penny from them, it tears hard working families apart, which makes us US Citizens have no rights over our families and childrens lives.

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