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Mc Donnalds and KFC

Just seen another mate who went to KFC and well got nothing on her burger but sauce. Empty bun.

I'm over MC donnalds and KFC and pretty much every take-away store these days stuffing up our orders. If I add up every time I have came home without a chips or a burger or even sauce it would add up to thousands of dollars by now. And that's no lie. At times they forget entire meals.

You just think how much they are making off this. It actually makes me sick. I reckon knowing the way businesses think these days they would do this on purpose. Few things here and there no one will know. 

And the food sucks most the time. These days the people working there are the new generation and they only care about when knock off is. Non of them have certification to even touch food.

So what I wanna do is start a petition to get all KFC & maccers to specify one day a year that we can get free food. To pay us all back for there fuck ups. Only a year or two. Even tho it would be billions of dollars. 

It can't just be me who is getting sick of this. 

Stop all big take away stores from stealing our money.

Let's try some alternative foods that are healthier and cheaper.

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