#Media Issues

Most males across the first/western world are sick of eating dinner and having some advertisement come on the idiotbox regarding women bleeding from their nether-regions.

We the undersigned are petitioning FreeTV.com.au (Australia) to get in touch with the local relevant authorities so that the relevant broadcasters (Channels 2/ABC, 7/Prime, 9/Win, 10) are forced to cease with showing the barbaric and abhorrent ads featuring cheerful, pretty and often nubile young girls talking about menstruation, tampons, pads, wings, liquid absorption, freedom to do as they please and swing sets… while we are eating dinner during prime time.

This petition is for a ban of ads regarding menstruation or its aids, if not for 24hrs/7days a week (lets face it, women read enough magazines), at least from 5pm through to 7:30pm weekdays, in each time zone, across Australia.

This sadistic advertising practice must be stopped.

Yours sincerely,

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