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Have you ever made the mistake and lost your license for any reason at all? What if you had been pulled over for any reason while it was invalid. do you know that they extend your right to drive a year every time. Not just a year ticket free but stacked. ex: i lost my license my own fault but right after i had to move twice in a short period of time.

I got pulled over numerous times in same vehicle the reason it wasn't towed was due to amount of personal belongings in it, obviously i didn't have much choice i had to move. anyways those tickets added up and its already been four years no license two years since last ticket and four more until they will allow me to apply for a license. Ridiculous!

We, the undersigned, are requesting the ADOT or the motor vehicle division stop the extension of loss of privileges to drive.

One year ticket free is understandable but not multiple years for mistakes made.

We are asking for the ability to reapply for a suspended or revoked license one year after last ticket. We dont want them to be able to stack tickets like they currently do.

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