#Consumer Affairs
Congress and all state governments
United States of America

In the past year the gas has risen from $1.98 to now going on $3.00 per 9/10 of a gallon. The prices of gas is increasing but the wages are remaining the same.

Gas prices are accerlating so fast that it is becoming a choice between buying gas to maintain a job or using that money for something that may be more important. Most families or even individuals that do not have jobs high up in industries are struggling to pay for what they need to continue to make work. Riding a bus, bike, or even walking is just not an option for some people. I may self can not carry three children on a bus to get somewhere on my own.

My cousin happens to work 1-2 hours from her job and can not walk, or ride a bike to get there. Buses only run until 5-6pm in most states. This keeps people from getting home safely. Taking a Taxi is just as expensive as buying gas for one's own car.

Many people own cars that use a lot of gas, but they still can not afford to buy a car that saves on one. So once again the prices of gas have just become a nuisance.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of each and every state to stableize the increase in gas prices.

Prices above $2.60 have just become very hard to afford for most people in the United States.

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